Veterinary Services

Our veterinary services include:
  ** Vaccinations and preventive medicine
  **Examinations, consultations and outpatient care
  **Complete pharmacy
  **Diagnostic laboratory
  **Radiology (X-Ray)
  **Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  **Advanced dentistry
  **Hospital care
  **Physical therapy
  **Emergency service
  **Affordable immunization/preventive medicine
  **Intensive Care


More Services
**Cardiac awareness
**Parasite screening
**Arthritis screening and therapy
**Alternative medicine
** Hurricane boarding along with supervised boarding
**Euthanasia, only when it is humane to terminate suffering
**Please do not ask us to euthanize a pet that might otherwise be helped medically
**Pick up and Delivery Service
Alternative and regenerative medicine includes, but is not limited to:
**Laser therapy
**Nutritional counseling
**Stem cell and PRP therapy
**Chiropractic adjustments
**Weight loss program
**Non-anesthetic dental cleanings
**Pet selection
**Veterinary pet insurance
**Early morning drop-off


Emergency Service
Emergency service is available until 10:00pm.  However, should the doctor be unable to contact you promptly or in the event your pet needs immediate intensive care, we may refer you to several emergency clinics in the area.  We do see emergencies as a priority during normal business hours.  For after hours emergencies, call (305) 542-9515.


We realize that there is “no place like home” for your pets and that we cannot duplicate the environment to which they are accustomed.  However, it is our sincere purpose to provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment for them while under our attention.  Reservations are required for boarding, which we provide as a service for our clients.  For the safety of all pets in our care, we require that all vaccinations be up to date.  Please bring with you your pet’s most recent vaccine history.
Pets requiring veterinary attention (for de-fleaing, de-worming, etc.), will be taken care of at owner’s expense.  If your pet is currently taking medications or has any medical conditions, please make us aware of this and we will make special provisions.
Visits are permitted only at our discretion.  We prefer that you do not visit while your pet is boarding with us.
Our clinic now has a back-up emergency generator for power failure during hurricanes, apart from being protected with impact-resistant windows and aluminum shutters.  We provide emergency boarding during hurricanes.
If your pet is hospitalized, visiting hours are after 10:00a.m. and up to 5:00p.m. Monday to Friday.  Dogs are walked three times a day.  Appetite, bowel movements and urination are monitored for each pet, and statistics are recorded hourly.  Our facility is fully air conditioned with additional airflow provided by ceiling fans, plus continuous background music and air/bellywater filters are also installed.  We also have a separate isolation area with UV light sterilization for those patients that are contagious and must be separated from healthy pets. All pets are discharged during normal business hours, Monday to Saturday.  A complimentary bath will be given upon discharge if their stay is for more than three days.
Mon-Fri 7:00am-5:00pm
Sat 8:00-3:00pm
Every Wednesday and Sunday we are closed.


Additional Information
To allow ample time for all patients and scheduled surgical procedures, we operate primarily by appointment, but walk-ins are welcomed.  You can also leave your pet with us before you go to work and pick them up after work at no additional charge.  Please call in advance to arrange for this service.  In addition, we offer a pickup and delivery service at a reasonable fee.
Like humans, pets do not synchronize their illnesses with an appointment book and surgical procedures sometimes take longer than planned, so an occasional appointment delay is inevitable.  Please realize that we make a sincere attempt to see each client on time, and a phone call is appreciated by all if an appointment needs to be rescheduled.
A missed appointment is a loss to everyone, please provide reasonable advance notice if you cannot keep your appointment.
You are encouraged to call our office with any questions concerning the care of your pet.  We’ll be glad to refer to your pet’s files and provide current health care information.


Non-Anesthetic Dentals
Healthy Pet Dental has been providing anesthesia free dental care for more than 5 years and has established a solid reputation among a growing network of veterinarians.  We take pride in our professionalism and our gentle, compassionate way with animals.
Call us today for more information and to schedule your pet for this anesthesia-free teeth cleaning.